Monday, October 31, 2011

Wild Baby Raccoons

A couple baby raccoons that I found waddling in my back yard.

Atlantic Ocean Dip

a crew of dumbasses from lubec maine jump into the icy cold water.. (im the fat one in the red)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fire Cracker Bomb!

A little thing we put together, I made a version of the video where chase doesnt do his little crab walk thing but youtube wont let you change a video that has over 1k views without making a whole new video, pretty lame..

Homemade Anvil!

This was very interesting, I spent the better half of an hour cutting away at this damn this with a grinder and at the end of it all we ended up breaking it off with a big rock. I wanted it to use as a improvised anvil although its been a while and i havent used it much yet..

1 Man 1 Jar: Reaction Video

By far my most popular video on the Youtube, that being said google wont let me monetize it because it isnt "family appropriate" Oh well..